Bathroom Material Palette

We always have a few kitchen and bathroom remodels underway, which means choosing wall tile, floor tile, countertops, flooring, plumbing, and…the list goes on. Space planning aside, these rooms can be tricky because there are so many materials in one space. Some clients find it hard to visualize how all the different tiles and materials will look together.

Below you’ll see a group of materials we might choose for a bathroom, and our reasons for choosing them.

Floor Tile 1Flooring

In bathrooms especially, water is a concern. You should use tile for the floors—it’s the only material that can withstand standing water over time. You can use any size tile for the bathroom floor, but if you have a separate shower and tub, choose a small tile for the shower floor. We recommend something like a penny tile, which will allow feet to grip. If you really want bigger tiles, make sure they have texture and/or a non-slip finish.


Wall Tile 1Wall Tile

This is where you can let loose and generally pick what you want. We love this series of Cityglass long subway tiles from Import Tile in Berkeley. They come in several different colors, in both clear and frosted finishes, at a great price. We’ve chosen a clear amber.

We picked out the small tiles as an accent, which come pre-mosaiced and could be used as a border or in a shower niche. They add visual interest to the room, but won’t look too busy because they’re the same colors and tone as the main tile. The white pieces tie in to the floor tile and countertop.


Countertop 1Countertop

We picked this white countertop, Dekton by Cosentino, because of its cutting edge properties. Guaranteed not to stain or scratch and extremely heat resistant, it’s perfect for a kids bathroom or if you worry about staining the counter when you dye your hair (we even tested a sample here in the office–dye wipes right off). You could also use it in the kitchen if you want to put your pots directly on the counter. Like anything else, when choosing countertops you want to make sure its properties fit your lifestyle, both aesthetically and practically.



Lastly, we picked  Sweet Cream in semi-gloss for durable walls. The color lets the tile be the focus, while Cedar Path for the trim adds some contrast and echoes the green tones in the accent tile. Colors are from Benjamin Moore.

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