Maximizing Space: Contemporary Details


Contemporary finishes keep the compact bathroom from looking too crowded

A while ago, an architect and his family approached us to do a remodel for his two bedroom, one bathroom home. Their goal was to maximize every inch of space by reworking the existing hall, bedroom, and bathroom. Based off of his original sketches, we came up with a design that turned the bathroom into spa retreat and the bedroom into bright and airy sleeping quarters.

By taking over part of the hallway and moving the bedroom door, the bathroom almost doubled in size, allowing space for a double vanity, floor-to-ceiling linen cabinets, and a wet room with walk-in shower and freestanding tub. With all that in one small space, the clients kept it clean and contemporary by selecting finishes such as an integral countertop and trough sink; vertical grain maple cabinets with push latches instead of knobs for a streamlined look; handmade tile from Fireclay; towel bars and robe hooks from Gatco that echo the Grohe and Sigma plumbing fixtures; and a custom soaking tub from Victoria + Albert. Two skylights above the bathtub and shower saturate the room with sunlight, and an obscure glass bathroom door lets the light filter into the hallway.

Though the bedroom is the same size as before, moving the door allowed space for a king bed and bedside tables. Rather than taking up space for a closet, which would have made the room much smaller, paint grade cabinets act as built-in wardrobes and dresser, and the white cabinet color helps the room feel spacious. A small nook at the bedroom entry is a place for a low dresser and soapstone sculpture made by the client’s father.

Segal E and N S

Existing and Proposed Floorplans



A long, tall bathroom cabinet provides storage for linens


The trough sink allows for two faucets in a short vanity, and the glass door lets light into the hallway


Built-in cabinets frame the window and act as the closet for the master bedroom

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